Seismic & Wind

ASC Engineering is happy to offer multiple options to work with you on seismic and wind restraint requirements for non-structural components:

At the Owner-direct level:

  • Coordination between design disciplines to achieve continuity of design documents
  • Creation of a Quality Assurance Plan per Section 11 of Appendix A’ in ASCE 7-05
  • Creation of the Statement of Special Inspections as relevant to this scope of work
  • Review and provide clarification for any installation conflicts on the “as-built” systems
  • On-site post-installation quality assurance review
  • Construction document review for risk assessment of existing facility

On the delegated design level:

  • Provide seismic, wind, and vibration isolation details and specifications for use by the design team
  • Review equipment details and specifications to ensure code compliance relating to chapter 16 of the International Building Code
  • Assignment of component importance factors to non-structural components based on requirements set forth by the latest adopted codes and standards and the desires of the facility owner
  • Respond to any RFI’s relevant to this scope of work
  • Review the appropriate delegated design submittals and materials for the restraint and vibration isolation of non-structural components including but not limited to HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Electrical for approval
  • Review the submittals for all components requiring a Certificate of Compliance for approval. Components requiring this certificate will be listed in the Statement of Special Inspections