Pipe Stress Analysis

Pipe stress analysis is the evaluation of a piping system for stresses and displacements in accordance with ASME B31. These issues occur where the system is subject to expansion from thermal and operational loads. The process also includes determining the placement and design of anchors and guides, accommodating for flexibility, and determining applied loads at equipment connections. When applicable, seismic loads can also be included to meet the requirement of ASCE 7, Section 13.2.2 for special certification as a designated seismic system.

The below are examples of a “Before and After” analysis. The first image is the pipe at the initial design. The red areas indicate extreme stress or displacement. The pipe is likely to fail at these points. The second image is after the analysis is complete and the suggested solution to relieve the pipe’s stress.



Our analyses include the following:

  • Empty, Sustained, and Operational Stress Layout Views
  • Empty, Sustained, and Operational Schematic Views
  • Displacement/Expansion Reports
  • Load Summary
  • Support Loads
  • Hanger Loads and Coordinate
  • Materials List
  • Stress locations graded according to compliance levels